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Transportation to, from, and around Koh Kong, Cambodia.

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You want to go where?

and you want how much?


Transport can be divided up between transport around Koh Kong, and into and out of Koh Kong.

Inside the city
Easiest and cheapest way around the city...... walk
Second quickest and second cheapest, rent a bicycle, about $1.5 per day. 

Quickest and third cheapest, take a motorcycle taxi.
hey go slow, and charge about 5 Baht to 15 Baht (Thai money, about 15 to 45 cents U.S.), or as much as they can get from you, for a ride inside of town. Charges are higher for more than one person on a motorcycle, and for night time travel. 

Tuk Tuks, a cart pulled by a motorcycle are now available, and for one person, cost about triple the price of a motorcycle taxi.

Next, rent a 100 cc motorcycle for $4-$5 a day plus gas.  Very easy to drive, some are automatic (no gears).  A dollar of gas gets you about an hour's driving time. 
($15 for a 450cc dirt bike for the day) 

Another option, rent a car with a driver at the market.  About $25 per day, plus gas.

Getting to Koh Kong
From the Thai/Cambodian border, coming from Trat, get a motorcycle taxi (60 thai baht /person including a 30 cent toll) or car, (270 baht for the car, or 80 baht per person if you can get more than 3 people) for a 15 minute ride into town. 

From Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville, take a car or minivan for a 4 to 7 hour drive on national route 4 and a long road through the jungle.  Sihanoukville is about 1.5 hours closer to Koh Kong than Phnom Penh.  You may want to ask if they change buses along the way, and refuse to take any bus that does.  One of the services drops you at the side of the road to wait for another bus, and one stops at a restaurant while waiting for the other bus.  This can add on a lot of extra time to the journey.  Also, the condition of the road is deteriorating and trips are getting longer, especially in the rainy season, June through October.

From the new Trat bus station, to Koh Kong, mini-vans leave every 45 minutes to the Koh Kong border from 7am to 5pm. Charges are 120 Baht and the trip takes about 90 minutes.  You'll change vans one time.   Figure about 30 minutes to get throught Thai and Cambodian customs.  The ride to Koh Kong town from the border is about 15 minutes.

Leaving Koh Kong already???
To get to Thailand, take a motorcycle or car 15 minutes from downtown to the Thai border. About 60 Thai baht and up for a motorcycle and 270 baht for a whole car (this includes the toll for crossing the bridge).  After going through Cambodian and Thai immigration, you probably want either a minivan to Bangkok ($20+ and 6 hours) or a minivan to Trat, Thailand (110 Baht and 90 minutes, last one leaves at 6pm, leaving every hour).  Trat has a number of guesthouses starting at 90 Baht per night, and is the starting point for visits to Koh Chang Island.

Busses from Trat to Bankok leave every hour from 7am to 11pm.

To get to Sihanoukville, get a minivan or car from the market, for a 4-5 hour ride. ($11 for a seat in a minivan or car, $60 for a whole car, $8 for the bus)

 Rith Mony busses leave at 8am 10am, 12:30 and 1:45 to Sihanoukville for $8.  Virak-Buntham has a morning and afternoon bus.  You can buy your ticket at any guesthouse or at the offices downtown.  To Phnom Penh by road is about 6 hours and the same price.  It's a really nice drive for the first 3 hours through the Cardamom Mountains.

Outside downtown
Casino, waterfalls, islands, coastline and beaches, jungle, Safari World, mangroves, dolphins, mountains, rivers, dirt trails, Buddhist Temples, and more mountains..

Eco Adventures Cambodia get you deep into the Cardamom Mountains.

Ritthy Koh Kong Eco Adventure Tours has bicycles and motorcycles for rent, and a full range of tours to the jungles, waterfalls, rivers and islands.

Thomas at Neptune Restaurant downtown, Otto and his staff (at Otto's), and that nice guy at Blue Moon guesthouse are also very helpful with tours and advice.

Koh Chang anyone?

Courtesy of IamKohChang.com:

From Trat bus station to the ferry pier is a 50 baht ride on a shared pick up truck taxi.  When you get off the minibus from the border at Trat bus station you'll see these waiting.  They leave when they are full, or you can hire one just for a couple of people for 300 baht for the trip to Centrepoint ferry pier.  Ferries run every hour from 6am - 7pm.  Ticket is 90 baht one way or 140 baht return.  When you arrive on Koh Chang you just get on one of the white pick up
truck taxis that will be waiting to take people to the different beaches.  Price is from about 50 - 80 baht/person depending on where you want to go.

Coming from Koh Chang to Trat, the same applies - ferry then blue pick up truck taxi to Trat bus station.  Then take the minibus to the border for 120 baht -it leaves every hour.

rith mony bus from phnom penh and sihanoukville to koh kong

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