Koh Kong, Cambodia

Activities in Koh Kong

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What to do????

Sightseeing, Gambling, Trekking, Boating......

Not quite the same as being in Bangkok, but there is enough to keep you occupied for a few days.

You're in Cambodia now
Walk around town, learn some Khmer (Cambodian language), try some Khmer food, walk around the docks, take a motorcycle or bicycle ride.

Check out the Transportation around Koh Kong page for more options.

Water, Mountains, Islands, Jungle
....  You find it everywhere.  Especially in the rainy season, June to October.  Koh Kong is a city surronded by a river, island, and the ocean.  Boat trips, fishing, swimming, island trips, dolphin trips, are all possible here.  Outside of town are some beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and jungle. Eco Adventures gets you deep into the Cardamom Mountains for an adventure you'll never forget.  Also, just outside of town is the Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary and Mangrove Forest.

Ritthy Koh Kong Eco Adventure Tours goes to the rivers, island, and mountains around Koh Kong.


also at the border is Koh Kong International Casino.  A few hundred first class rooms on the ocean.  Mostly Thai customers walking across the border and gambling where it's legal.

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